2013 Presidents Cup Champions

Whos got it better than us? Nobody...

In August 2013, a group of young men gathered in the heat of the summer on the practice field because of their love of the game. They were sweating, hurting, and pushing each other to give their very all.  The season began with a very slow start, and after the first 4 games the team had 1 win and 3 loses.  The coaching staff headed by Coach Rob Boblits, encouraged the boys that the season was not lost and to keep giving their very best on the practice and game fields.  The end result was a 8 game winning streak and the LPBK 6-8 team brought home the 2013 PRESIDENTS CUP CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  

Congratulations to Coach Boblits, his staff and most of all the young men of the LPBK 6-8 CHAMPIONS!


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