Football FAQ

  1. What is Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference? Is one of the largest membership organizations dedicated to provide the youth of Southern Maryland an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football and, under competent leadership, to enjoy participation and competition in this organized league so that they may become happier, better people. Objectives shall include the development of positive social values and character traits; good citizenship; physical and mental health; and a knowledge, appreciation, and interest in football. It is a goal of this league to instill the will to win and the courage to accept defeat or disappointment, with emphasis on clean play and sportsmanlike conduct.
  2. How many teams are in the Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC)? There are currently 14 teams in the league.
  3. Where will the LaPlata Blue Knights Football practice? The LaPlata Blue Kngihts practice at Milton Somers Middle School, Walter J Mitchell, and Laurel Springs.
  4. What type of season schedule would there be? The Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC) plays a 10 game schedule; if you qualify for playoffs then you will play more games that season.
  5. Are there any changes to the weight and age groups for Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC)? Click the link to view the new weight and age chart
  6. Where will all the games be played? We will maintain our five home games at Milton Somers Middle School. We will provide the locations of the other 5 games once the schedules have been released. If you go to Field Location under Contact Us tab of our website you will obtain a list of all the field locations.
  7. What is the process if a family has two or more siblings playing on two or more different teams? The Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC) usually schedules the whole organization to play at one field location that day. The only time that might be different would be if they don’t have a team in that age group then you may play at a differnt location.
  8. Will the registration fee and process be affected by the change? The main price will be $220.00 but you will receive (3) $10.00 raffle tickets (per. household) you can sell at a total value of $30.00 which will reduce your cost to $190.00. We also now offer multi-child family discounts as follow:
    1. 1st Child Cost (Football or Cheerleading) - $220
    2. 2nd Child or 3rd Child Cost (Football or Cheerleading) - $190
    3. 4th Child Cost (Football or Cheerleading) - $100
  9. Have you heard any reservations from parents about the move to SMYAC? No. We have heard more positive reaction about joining Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC). The LaPlata Blue Knights are extremely excited about the upcoming season.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please don't hesitate to send us an email.

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