FREE Football Camp!

Free Football Fundamental Camp

FREE Football Camp!

Our goal for this program is to improve athletic skills through a series of sports fundamental camps which will focus on fine tuning and enhancing skill developments.  We will enhance our skill development through conditioning, lower body/core strength formation, and proper running/agility techniques for youth in Southern Maryland who wish to elevate their regular season performance..

The goal is to:

  • Leverage this experience to provide a nurturing and more smaller group setting which will teach age appropriate drills and techniques which can be utilized during regular season play;
  • Build self confidence through positive reinforcement and individual goal setting and achievement for each player;
  • And to ultimately provide an off season opportunity for those who are truly interested in competing at a higher level.

Why a Free Football Fundamental Camp?
LaPlata Blue Knights would like to give back to our community and provide this exciting opportunity to our youth free of costs!!!  During the season, coaches can find it difficult to give an extended period of time to each player as they would like/need during the season. In an effort to ensure players do not lack the basic fundamentals of playing sports.  Fundamental camp days would provide an additional outlet for kids to engaged within constructive activities and continuing to build upon the values and core mission of our organization.

Football Camp Details
Camp is usually held every Friday in June (Check back for exact dates for the 2020 season), at Milton Somers Middle School from 6:30pm – 8pm. You will be required to bring a cold beverage to keep your child hydrated during the entire camp.  We may be sellng cold beverages (Water & Gatorade) at our camp location.  Make sure your child is wearing appropriate camp gear (shorts, t-shirts and cleats/sneakers).  All parents are required to be present during camp dates if your child plans to attend.  Online camp registration will be available through our Online Registration if you would like your child to participate! For more information, please contact us at (

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