President's Message

President's Message

February 23, 2021

Hello Participants and Parents!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the LPBK Family!

We are excited to announce that Registration for the 2021 Season is now open! We have decided not to charge a registration fee until it is confirmed that the season is definitely a go. However, we'd like to give everyone the opportunity to register, hoping that the season will take place.

We know how difficult these times have been on everyone, especially this kids and we'd like to extend our sincere appreciation of all the support you have shown LPBK over the years. 

Established back in the early 1980’s, the LaPlata Blue Knight Football and Cheerleading organization is recognized as one of the best in Charles County. We are extremely excited about the upcoming season and confident in our ability to continue the exceptional legacy. We stress creating and promoting a safe, positive, well disciplined, and instructive learning environment to all our coaches for all our participants. We encourage and teach our participants the importance of being respectful in school, maintaining good grades, and taking care of fellow teammates and squad members on and off the field. Youth football and cheer are two of the best sports to teach children about teamwork, honor, integrity, sportsmanship, leadership and many other positive character traits. Our coaches strive to teach your children not only the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, but also the fundamentals of valuable life lessons.

For many of our players and cheerleaders, this will be their first experience playing an organized team sport. During their time here, our participants will undoubtedly make lasting friendships that will carry through to high school and beyond. LPBK is a community of not only players and teams, but of tight-knit families. Our families will make lifelong friends that will last well beyond the time the kids are done playing or cheering.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all those who so graciously volunteer your time. Each and every volunteer has worked tirelessly to better our organization. LPBK is lucky to have so many committed and talented individuals to steer us forward. I also want to recognize our board of directors. I am pleased to say that we have added new members who are willing to work hard to continue improving LPBK. This is the continuing story of our organization and we thank you all for carrying on the tradition.

If you have questions at any time during the season, please contact your Head Coach, our Football Commissioner, Cheer Coordinator, or one of the Board Members.

Somer Crout (President)

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