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The purpose of La Plata Blue Knights (LPBK) is to provide the youth of Southern Maryland an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading under knowledgeable leadership. Our goal as an organization is to have our athletes enjoy participation and competition in this organized league so that they may become happier and better people. Objectives shall include the development of positive social values, community values and character traits, good citizenship, physical and mental health, and a knowledge, appreciation, and interest in football and cheerleading. It is a goal of this organization to instill the will to win and the courage to accept defeat or disappointment, with emphasis on clean play and sportsmanlike conduct.

Last year, nearly 300 boys and girls participated in the LPBK football and cheerleading program. Games and competitions were won and lost, but most of all, the mission to create, develop and maintain the highest quality youth football and cheerleading sports program in Southern Maryland was attained. LPBK is a nonprofit, community-based volunteer youth organization providing organized football and cheerleading programs for children ranging in ages of 5 to14. We work with our carefully selected volunteer coaches to promote a positive atmosphere to ensure responsibility, honesty and good sportsmanship.

As our community continues to grow, so does our equipment and safety costs. We ask for your support in helping our organization keep up with the yearly costs of our professional inspected and re-certification of our football helmets which costs LPBK more than $3,000 a year. Also help with the rising cost of additional youth safety equipment, storage facilities, postage and uniforms and you can see why your generous support is much needed!

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Children's Healthcare Center

The Greene Turtle


Roy Rogers

K & M Electric

FedEx Office (LaPlata)